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Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the discussion “Making tough calls on your career and life”, hosted by the lovely Mana. I rarely go to networking events because I rather stay home to rest after a day at work! 😀 This time was an exception because I like Mana’s writing a lot, and I was curious as to how she lived her life.

What a night! Girls Bee×ACW corporate career series successfully KICKED OFF😆💖 Thank you so much for all the ladies who join us tonight! More pictures are coming up later😊 And Girls Bee has just completed all off-line programs that we have in 2017! We will take a short break (but we will still have some online upcoming things) and will be back in January. Now I can finally rest for a while..😂 but feeling so fulfilled☺️✨❤️ I cannot tell how much I appreciate for having this opportunity with you, my dear Christina Teo👯💖 Girls BeeとAsia Corporate Womenのコラボレーション企画、企業にお勤めの方向けのキャリアについて考える定期イベントのキックオフが無事に大盛況にて終了!これにてGirls Beeの今年の全てのオフラインでのイベント開催が終了しました。あーやっとちょっと心が休める😂(笑)でも今年は本当にいろんな新たなチャレンジの機会に恵まれて心はとっても充実☺️✨✨今年の経験を踏まえて来年もすでにやりたいことがいっぱい。誕生日がくる1月初旬までは少し充電期間にあてて来年の計画作りと来年に向けたインプットに励みます。(Girls Bee Onlineの更新は年内まだまだあるのでお楽しみに🙆)シンガポール生活ももうすぐ丸3年。こちらにきた当初に欲しいなと思い描いていた生活や環境がほとんど整いました。本当に幸せ&感謝☺️🙏🏼✨✨✨ #lifeinsingapore #singapore #event #GBXACW #girlsbee #girlsbee2017 #あなたのなりたいがかなう #なりたい自分 #海外生活

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Correspondingly, there was a natural curiosity towards Christina Teo, the keynote speaker she invited last night.

Positioning= Being Accountable to Yourself

And the keynote did not disappoint.

My key takeaway of that night was when Christina spoke about the strong correlation between “positioning” and “being articulate”. As a specialist who have been doing personal branding in Europe and Singapore, that immediately caught my attention.

During QnA, there was a lady (Winnie) in the audience who asked– “Does positioning = personal branding”?

So Christina answered:

  • “Positioning” relates more to your personal answer to yourself; a keen sense of your strengths and weaknesses vis-a-vis the market. To her, it is how you are accountable to the person you see in the mirror every morning; and
  • “Personal branding” relates more to how people view you.

And Christina then proceeded to say that she personally would spend good time figuring out her positioning and then the articulation of it.

That frankly was quite an interesting framework, to highlight a strong correlation between “positioning” to “the person you see in the mirror”. It does show a strong sense of accountability to self, and of course the level of groundedness that Christina has in the way she lives her life.

Positioning = Lying to Suit The Wants Of The Masses?


As a context, not all people with great personal brands link “positioning” to “being accountable to yourself”. A great example is Donald Trump. 

Is he accountable to self…? I don’t think so. But he’s great at positioning because he knows what the masses want, and he could lie to them.

Mostly Mr Trump cares about winning, and he is great at engineering public consent as opposed to looking within and finding out what he really wants. So I doubt that he will experience the deeper levels of intimacy or greater sense of fulfilment in his life. His achievements seem to be very superficial ironically, because he feels so empty and hollow.

So Christina really made me think about how many people are like her– having thought frameworks that espouse/ embrace the concepts of “accountability” and “groundedness”.

It is entirely possible, for example, that not all people who do personal branding have seriously looked deep within themselves to find out what they really want to do with their lives. In fact they might even mistake a lie they have repeatedly told themselves– imposed by them on society– for the truth.

This is why the definition of “positioning” as being accountable to yourself is so powerful.

Subtle Nuances That Result In Lasting Impact


This difference in the definition of “positioning” is so subtle, but it will make a whole lot of difference as to whether you are living a successful life by lying to “stupid masses”/people around you, or living a life on your terms.

Before you think “Oh that’s probably not me– I don’t lie”, think again. Most people don’t know that they are lying due to the Hawthorne effect. It takes a third person to spot inconsistencies in the way a person lives his/her life, and it takes this third person to care enough to tell you about such core inconsistencies before you hit your next life crisis.

It’s really sort of scary how many people don’t know that they are lying to themselves. This sort of things stems from the fear of not being good enough, a sense of shame embedded into them since they are young, a lack of experience and perhaps the corresponding lack of confidence. So instead of believing in themselves as a capable and intelligent, they condemn themselves and rely on external validation as a definition to their self-worth.

Food for thought, yeah? A reminded to always slow down to think about your own positioning, as defined by Christina Teo 🙂

And after that, work out how to articulate this positioning, because that is the articulation of your internal clarity.

Looking Forward to 2018!

Anyway next talk by Girls Bee in 2018:


Definitely going, haha! 🙂


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